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“I’m confident it can go ahead”: Gianni Infantino on video assistant referees


Jun-13 12:51 first published at 12:51 PM


Doha: FIFA head Gianni Infantino said on Monday that he believes semi-automated technology to help with faster Video Assistant Referee judgments would be available for the World Cup in Qatar later this year.

The AI technology trials will continue in the coming months, but Infantino stated that great progress has been made.

“We put it to the test at the Club World Cup, and it looks fantastic. We are quite pleased, and we will make a decision before to the tournament “After the meeting of the International Football Association Board, which administers the Laws of the Game, Infantino spoke during a press conference in Doha.

“I’m optimistic it can go forward,” said Pierluigi Collina, chairman of FIFA’s Referees Committee.

Semi-automated VAR uses automatic ball detection and builds three-dimensional representations of a player’s location in real time, allowing offside to be recognized in seconds.

The usage of five substitutes in the Laws of the Game was ratified by the IFAB, as expected.

It was first implemented as a rule change in response to the COVID-19 epidemic, but it has now been made permanent, albeit its use in different contests will be at the discretion of the organizing organization.

When FIFA first floated the concept in May 2020, the Premier League, for example, allowed five substitutions, but reverted to three for the last two seasons. They have agreed, though, to allow five substitutes starting next season.

The maximum number of substitutes on the bench was also increased from 12 to 15 —- again at the discretion of the competition organizing authority.

These modifications will take effect on July 1st.

The IFAB also considered referee attacks and the prospect of wearing body cameras as a deterrent as well as for evidence collection.

“Referees will benefit from the prospective protection,” Infantino said. “Sadly, this still happens in many parts of the world.”

“We have players, officials, spectators, and parents attacking them, and we have to be extremely forceful in that regard.”

In junior competitions in Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden, he suggested more trials on adjusting the offside law and making decisions less marginal would continue.

It would also be tested to see if there are any techniques to keep track of time better. “It is inexcusable that in a 90-minute game, the ball is only in play for 47-48 minutes on average. That’s something we’ll have to look into “Infantino was added to the mix.

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