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The BBC ITV World Cup schedule


Jun-17 21:46 first published at 21:46 PM

The BBC and ITV will broadcast every game of the 2022 World Cup in the United Kingdom. Only a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is required to access the English-language broadcasts in the United States. This BBC ITV World Cup schedule was created to make it easier to find games.

The two channels’ schedules only list the group stage games as the World Cup approaches. As the knockout stage becomes more established, the BBC and ITV have decided to separate those games as well.

For the time being, English-language fans in the United Kingdom may look forward to 48 games. Each of the 32 World Cup teams plays three games in order to qualify for the knockout stages. Following the three-game round robin, the top two teams in each group advance to the round of 16.

Using the World Cup predictor, you can anticipate how each of the following 48 games will affect the knockout stage. Put a score for each of the group stage games to see how it affects the tournament’s eventual elimination round.

While World Soccer Talk lists the World Cup TV schedule in the United States, the BBC and ITV broadcast the World Cup in the United Kingdom.

Schedule for the World Cup on BBC ITV

These are only group stage games, as previously indicated. These games, however, are always dramatic, especially when some big names are on the verge of missing out on the knockout stages.

The following times are in Eastern Standard Time in the United States.


21st of November:

5 a.m.: ITV broadcast of the match between Senegal and the Netherlands.

England vs. Iran, 8 a.m. – BBC

11 a.m.: Qatar vs. Ecuador – BBC

2 p.m.: USA vs. Wales – ITV

Nov. 22:

5 a.m.: Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia – ITV

8 a.m.: Denmark vs. Tunisia – ITV

11 a.m.: Mexico vs. Poland – BBC

2 p.m.: France vs. Australia – BBC

Nov. 23

5 a.m.: Morocco vs. Croatia – ITV

8 a.m.: Germany vs. Japan – ITV

11 a.m.: Spain vs. Costa Rica – ITV

2 p.m.: Belgium vs. Canada – BBC

Nov. 24

5 a.m.: Switzerland vs. Cameroon – ITV

8 a.m.: Uruguay vs. South Korea – BBC

11 a.m.: Portugal vs. Ghana – ITV

2 p.m.: Brazil vs. Serbia – BBC


Nov. 25

5 a.m.: Wales vs. Iran – BBC

8 a.m.: Qatar vs. Senegal – BBC

11 a.m.: Netherlands vs. Ecuador – ITV

2 p.m.: England vs. USA – ITV

Nov. 26

5 a.m.: Tunisia vs. Australia – BBC

8 a.m.: Poland vs. Saudi Arabia – ITV

11 a.m.: France vs. Denmark – ITV

2 p.m.: Argentina vs. Mexico – ITV

Nov. 27

5 a.m.: Japan vs. Costa Rica – ITV

8 a.m.: Belgium vs. Morocco – BBC

11 a.m.: Croatia vs. Canada – BBC

2 p.m.: Spain vs. Germany – BBC

Nov. 28

5 a.m.: Cameroon vs. Serbia – ITV

8 a.m.: South Korea vs. Ghana – BBC

11 a.m.: Brazil vs. Switzerland – ITV

2 p.m.: Portugal vs. Uruguay – ITV


Nov. 29

10 a.m.: Ecuador vs. Senegal – ITV

10 a.m.: Netherlands vs. Qatar – ITV

2 p.m.: Iran vs. USA – BBC

2 p.m.: Wales vs. England – BBC

Nov. 30

10 a.m.: Tunisia vs. France – BBC

10 a.m.: Australia vs. Denmark – BBC

2 p.m.: Poland vs. Argentina – BBC

2 p.m.: Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico – BBC

Dec. 1

10 a.m.: Canada vs. Morocco – BBC

10 a.m.: Croatia vs. Belgium – BBC

2 p.m.: Japan vs. Spain – ITV

2 p.m.: Costa Rica vs. Germany – ITV

Dec. 2

10 a.m.: Ghana vs. Uruguay – BBC

10 a.m.: South Korea vs. Portugal – BBC

2 p.m.: Serbia vs. Switzerland – ITV

2 p.m.: Cameroon vs. Brazil – ITV

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