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The number of tickets still available for Qatar 2022


Jun-22 22:16 first published at 22:16 PM

The organizing committee for the upcoming FIFA World Cup has already issued the numbers that would disclose the amount of tickets for sale that are still available, so if you haven’t been able to buy any for Qatar 2022, you better act quickly.

A FIFA World Cup is often associated with feeling, anticipation, hope, and joy as well as drama, suspense, and stress. especially if there is a willingness to attend but there are no tickets left and time is running out. For instance, there have been a ton of requests to take part in Qatar 2022.

The excessive interest around the world in wanting to attend a FIFA World Cup live is more than justified, as this tournament, one of the most prestigious in the sports industry, subjects its fans to a painful four-year wait to enjoy it again.

The likelihood of winning a spot to participate in Qatar 2022 is dwindling as the deadline of November 21 draws near. The number of tickets that are officially available for this tournament, how many have been sold, how many ticket requests there have been, and how many will be available during the third official FIFA ticket sales phase are all listed below.

How many tickets were offered for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Hassan Al-Thawadi, Secretary General at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, State of Qatar, shared official data regarding the upcoming FIFA World Cup as part of the Qatar Economic Forum, which took place in Doha from June 20 to 22. He placed a special emphasis on the issue that currently worries fans the most: the availability of tickets.

A total of 3 million tickets were planned to be made available for Qatar 2022, according to Al-Thawadi. However, of that number, 1 million were not made available for purchase because they were only meant for FIFA officials and World Cup sponsors, making them unavailable to regular fans.

Demand for Qatar 2022 tickets

According to statistics provided by Al-Thawadi during the Qatar Economic Forum, the remaining 2 million tickets did go on sale. This was accomplished using a single, authorized purchasing channel that was overseen and regulated by FIFA.

Then, 40 million ticket applications for the next Qatar 2022 World Cup were received following two official ticket sales rounds that FIFA coordinated. The applications were split as follows: 17 million in the first phase and 23 million in the second phase. In other words, fans’ interest in attending the tournament has been growing and sustained.

How many tickets are still available for sale to attend Qatar 2022?

The third official FIFA ticket sales phase for the upcoming World Cup Qatar 2022 will begin shortly, and this will be the last chance to get tickets to attend this prestigious tournament. The bad news for those who still do not have tickets, or would like to get more, is that it will be a real speed contest.

From the outset, it should be clarified that of the 40 million ticket applications, only a very low percentage have been accepted. So far, and according to figures from the Secretary General at Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, State of Qatar, Hassan Al-Thawadi, 1.2 million tickets have been sold so far.

So, by mathematical logic, if only 2 million tickets were made available for sale to the general public for Qatar 2022 and 1.2 million have been sold after two official ticket sales phases, only 800,000 tickets would be available in the last sales window.

The system that will prevail in the third official ticket sales phase will be the traditional one: as applications are received, they will be attended, accepted and denied. No waiting time. This means that the first to arrive or to be in line for tickets for the upcoming FIFA World Cup will be the first to be served.

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