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With the 2022 World Cup just weeks away, here are some facts and figures about Qatar’s preparations


Jul-15 06:02 first published at 06:02 AM

The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar, and for the first time ever, it will begin in November.
The logistics and preparations for the competition have been out of this world, and Qatar has risen to the challenge beautifully. There are eight sites located within a 21-mile radius of Doha.

Although there are few hotels and other lodging choices for traveling fans, armchair experts have already started betting on the team they believe will win the World Cup Final on December 18 as well as making general World Cup predictions.
An Entire New City
The city of Lusail started building after learning that Qatar would be hosting the World Cup in 2010.

The construction of Lusail, a brand-new city with a mixture of residential and retail buildings, cost more than $45 billion. The city has 22 new hotels and is 38 square kilometers large (which are much-needed to host the tourists and visitors who are coming to watch their teams take part in the competition).
Beaches, a golf course, the Desert Falls Water and Adventure Park, as well as events like laser tag and go-karting, are available for visitors to enjoy. Despite its youth, Lusail will have a typical Qatari atmosphere thanks to clever street lighting, watering, and energy on a smart grid. In fact, Lusail is the world’s largest single sustainable development.

Guests staying in Lusail will be near to all the action because the final and several of the bigger games will be played at the stunningly designed Lusail Stadium.
In addition to Lusail Stadium, a further seven venues will be used, and each venue will be connected by a purpose-built tram and metro system, making it possible for fans to see more than one match a day.

Having more people than space
Qatar is a relatively tiny country perched on the border of Saudi Arabia – but the government has come up with some unique ways to ensure that there is enough space for travelling fans.
Cruise ships will be docked along the shore next to the new city, offering guests floating lodging. The country’s major hotels, particularly those in Doha, are scarce and exorbitantly priced, but there are some other possibilities that might be more appropriate.
A “Tent City” with design cues from traditional Qatari tents has been built in Al Khor. These tents include all the features of a hotel room, such as ensuite bathrooms, TVs, and Wi-Fi, as part of the fan village experience.
Remaining Calm
The World Cup usually takes place in the summer, taking advantage of the natural pause between football league seasons, but summers in Qatar can reach over 100°F, making it difficult to prevent health risks for both participants and spectators.

The supporters won’t necessarily feel cold as a result of the competition being moved to the winter, since efforts have been made to make everyone as cool and comfortable as possible during the stadium and surrounding region building.
The stadiums will be fueled by solar energy and have sophisticated cooling systems, including outdoor air conditioning, and some will have retractable roofs to block the sun.
Since drinking is frowned upon in Qatar, it has long been accepted that you should abstain while there. It is forbidden by Islam, the dominant religion in Qatar, hence
Tourists can still enjoy a drink at their hotel, and it appears that the same will be true for the World Cup: fans won’t be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages on public streets, but specific fan zones inside the stadium will be able to do so.

It is important to keep in mind that being intoxicated in public is illegal in Qatar, and offenders could face fines and possibly jail time. As a result, visitors should limit their alcohol intake.
Culture-Specific Factors
Due to Qatar’s rigorous adherence to Islam, travelers must be ready to observe local customs and laws.
Gambling is illegal in Qatar, and you will not find bookies ready to take bets on the winner of the competition in the high street like you would in the UK or elsewhere. Instead, you can use online gambling sites to make your selection and participate in other games.
Same sex relationships are outlawed in Islam, which has led to some controversy as to whether fans will be punished for waving rainbow flags, but the organisers have stated that it should not be a problem, and that any overt contact whether heterosexual or not is frowned upon.

Billions of Dollars
Qatar has reportedly spent more than $220 billion on preparations for the World Cup. Arguably the most controversial World Cup in history, the Qatar World Cup 2022 is going to be a spectacle, from the standard of football right through to the architecture and infrastructure – and it will put a spotlight on the Qatari culture for the whole world to see.

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